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The DiscourseNet story

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We started in 2007 as a multilingual network of early career researchers from a broad range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Initially funded by the collaborative project "Methodologies and methods in discourse analysis" (2007-2011), it gave birth to a Handbook and Dictionary of Discourse Studies, which are the largest ones of their kind.

The regular network meetings had grown into international events by the mid 2010s. DiscourseNet has since been organising two to four events every year, including biannual international DN Congresses, thematically focused DN Conferences, DN Group Events (seminars and reading groups), DN Graduate Schools and Collaborative DN events with other groups or associations (see list below).

Piloted by Johannes Angermuller, DiscourseNet was constituted as a formal association on 12th of September 2019 together with 180 founding members. Johannes Angermuller (Open University, UK) was elected as President, Luciana Radut-Gaghi (Paris Seine, France) as Treasurer and Jaspal Singh (Hong Kong) as Secretary. On the 20th of October 2021, Benno Herzog (Valencia, Spain) was elected as President, Aurora Fragonara (Poitiers, France) as Secretary and Michael Kranert (Southampton, UK) as Treasurer. In 2023 these three legal representatives were confirmed for a second term.

We always remain on the look-out for interesting collaborations! If you want to organise an event together with or under the banner of DiscourseNet, please contact Thomas Jacobs or the DiscourseNet Events Group to discuss the possibilities.

Regular DiscourseNet seminars


DiscourseNet congresses, conferences, workshops


  • DiscourseNet-DiPVaC Conference

Changing Discourses – Aspects of Linguistic, Social and Discourse Variation
Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church, Budapest, 12th-14th June 2024

  • DN30: 30th DiscourseNet Conference

Knowledge - Between Discursive Construction and Cultural Contextualization
Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany, 22-24 May 2024

  • 2nd DiscourseNet – ad hoc workshop

The language, discourse, and symbols of violence and peace in Gaza, Israel, and Palestine
Online, Thursday, 18 April, 2024

  • 8th DiscourseNet Winter School

Discourse Studies and Power from the margins
Valencia, Spain, January 2024

  • DNC5ALED: 5th DiscourseNet Congress DNC5 together with ALED

Discourses and their impacts on a world of multiple crises
University of Valencia, Spain, 25-28 July, 2023 

  • DN29: 29th DiscourseNet Conference

Visiolinguistics: Panoramas of Languaging and Visuality.
The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, 12-15 September 2023

  • DN28: 28th DiscourseNet Conference

Discurso y teoría critica
Mar del Plata, Argentine, 26-28 October 2022

  • 7th DiscourseNet Winter School:

Capitalism in Global Crisis: Economic Transformations, New Authoritarianism, and Resistance
Valencia, Spain, January 2022

  • DNC4: 4th DiscourseNet Congress DNC4:

The Impact of Discourse Studies on the Contemporary World.Making a Difference Inside and Outside the Academia
Budapest, Hungary, 20-22 October 2021

  • DN27: 27th DiscourseNet Conference:

Language ideologies and political discourse (online)
Milton Keynes, Open University, UK, 15-16 July 2021

  • DN26: 26th DiscourseNet Conference:

Discourses in Post-National Spaces (open)
Gießen, Germany, 24-25 March, 21-22 May, 1-2 July 2021

  • DN25 - 25th DiscourseNet Conference

Global Dispositifs. From #DigitalRevolution to the #NewSilkRoad
Tyumen, Russia, 12-15 November 2020

  • DN24 - 24th DiscourseNet Conference

Discourse and Communication as Propaganda: Digital and multimodal forms of activism, persuasion and disinformation across ideologies
Brussels, Belgium, 7-9/09/2020

  • Intensive Methods Week for Doctoral Students in discourse and languages

Open University, online, 13-17/07/2020

  • DNS6 - 6th DiscourseNet Summer School

Ethnography meets Discourse Analysis
Tutzing, Germany, 29/06/2020 - 03/07/2020

  • DNC3-ALED - 3rd DiscourseNet Congress in collaboration with ALED

Knowledge and power in a polycentric world. Discourses across languages, cultures and spaces
Keynotes: Johannes Angermuller (UK), Dominique Maingueneau (France), Patrick Charaudeau (France), Viviane Resende de Melo (Brazil)
Paris Seine, France, 11-14/09/2019

  • DN23 - 23rd DiscourseNet conference

Discourse, Power and Mind: Between Reason and Emotion
Bergamo, Italy, 06-08/06/2019

  • DN22 - 22nd DiscourseNet conference 

Discourse, Power, Subjectivation
Gießen, Germany, 12-14/09/2018

  • DN21 - 21st DiscourseNet conference in collaboration with Political Discourse and Multidisciplinary Approaches #2

New Discourses of Populism and Nationalism
Edinburgh, Scotland, 21-22/06/2018

  • DN20 - DiscourseNet conference and 20th meeting

Exploring Fuzzy Boundaries in Discourse Studies
Keynotes: Christopher Hart (University of Lancaster) and Heike Pichler (Newcastle University, UK)
Budapest, Hungary, 18-19/05/2018

  • DNC2 - 2nd DiscourseNet Congress 

Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies: Theory and Practice 
Warwick (Coventry), UK, 13-15/09/2017

  • DN19 - DiscourseNet conference and meeting

Discourse, Knowledge and Practice in Society
Keynote: Isabela Fairclough (University of Central Lancashire), Distinguished Guest: Norman Fairclough (University of Lancaster)
Bucharest, Romania, 07-08/07/2017

  • DN18 - DiscourseNet conference and 18th meeting 

Gender and Discourse
Paderborn, Germany, 08-09/09/2016

  • DN17 - DiscourseNet conference and 17th meeting 

Reflexivity and Critique in Discourse
Pamplona, Spain, 16-18/03/2016

  • 2nd DiscourseNet Spring School 

Critical Usage of Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods Software for Discourse Studies
Pamplona, Spain, 21-24/03/2016

  • DNC1 - 1st DiscourseNet Congress and 16th meeting 

International Discourse Congress
Bremen, Germany, 23-26/09/2015

  • DN15 - DiscourseNet conference and 15th meeting

Discourses of Culture – Cultures of Discourse
Belgrade, Serbia, 19-21/03/2015

  • 1st DiscourseNet Winter School

Valencia, Spain, 20-24/01/2015

  • 14th meeting

Diskurs - semiotisch, mit dem Tagungsnetzwerk Diskurs interdisziplinär 
Mannheim, Germany, 04-06/12/2014

  • 13th meeting

Discourse Studies in the Social Sciences. Towards a Dialogue between Theory and Analysis
Warwick, UK, Spring 2014

  • 12th meeting

Der Diskurs der Diskursforschung. Disziplinäre, transdisziplinäre und interdisziplinäre Perspektiven
Bern, Switzerland, Autumn 2013

11th meeting: Berlin, Germany, spring 2013; 10th meeting: Bremen, Germany, autumn 2012; 9th meeting: Bielefeld, Germany, spring 2012; 8th meeting: Berlin, Germany, autumn 2011; 7th meeting: Berlin, Germany, spring 2011; 6th meeting: Berlin, Germany, autumn 2010; 5th meeting: Sankt Andreasberg, Germany, spring 2010; 4th meeting: Munich, Germany, autumn 2009; 3rd meeting: Paris, France, spring 2009; 2nd meeting: Wuppertal, Germany, autumn 2008; 1st meeting: Magdeburg, Germany, January 2008