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We e-meet every month for 90 minutes on Zoom to discuss a pre-selected reading. If you are interested in joining in, just sign up to this group and you will receive further information on dates and readings, as well as the meeting invite. 

For our next session on Tuesday, 8 February 2022, 13-14.30 CET, we will read Charles W. Mills (2018) Black Radical Kantianism. In the essay, Mills discusses how a Kantian philosophy of moral politics can be appropriated in Afro-modernity. Learning from Marxian and feminist appropriations of Kant, the Kantian ethics of Rawls, various Black radical writers, as well as from Kant's own racist passages, Mills demonstrates that the modern nation state and liberal democratic capitalism are fundamentally predicated on the category of race: "If the ideal is the Rechtsstaat, the reality is the Rassenstaat" (Mills 2018: 26). Mills' formulation of a black radical Kantianism deploys a matrix of racialised relationships of respect and disrespect to explore the moral and political possibilities of a race-sensitive categorical imperative and it's role in the Afro-modern anti-racist struggle. 

Please use your university library to access the essay. Mills, Charles W. (2018) Black Radical Kantianism. Res Philosophica 95(1): 1–33. https://doi.org/10.11612/resphil.1622. If you do not have institutional access, you may view the essay via this link.

We mainly use some form of English in this group. 

If you have some questions, or if you would like to introduce suggest a reading for the next months, please send Jaspal a message at jaspal.singh@open.ac.uk.

See you soon! 

Kaushalya, Jaspal, Jan and Jens




Past sessions:

Thank you all for participating in our previous meetings, in which we read:

Michel Foucault's Lecture 3 (from 25 January 1978) on Security, Territory, Population.

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (1988) Can the subaltern speak? 

Norman Fairclough (2003) 'Political correctness': The politics of culture and language.

Sara Ahmed (2012) Whiteness and the general will: Diversity work as willful work.

Jan Blommaert (2013) Ethnography, Superdiversity and Linguistic Landscapes: Chronicles of Complexity.

Donna Haraway (1985) A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology and Socialist-Feminsim in the Late Twentieth Century. 

Rogers Brubaker and Frederick Cooper (2000) Beyond "identity".

Hannah Arendt (1969) On Violence. 

Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe (1985) Hegemony & Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics

Kwame Krumah (1968) Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare: A Guide to the Armed Phase of the African Revolution.

Gloria Anzaldúa (1987) Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza.

Valentin N. Vološinov (1973) Marxism and the Philosophy of Language.

Giorgio Agamben (2006) What is an Apparatus?

Tommaso M. Milani, Muzna Awayed-Bishara, Roey J. Gafter and Erez Levon (2020) When the checkpoint becomes a counterpoint: Stasis as queer dissent.

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