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What is DiscourseNet?

DiscourseNet is a community of researchers in Discourse Studies, broadly understood as a field studying social practices of meaning production in the entanglements of verbal and/or non-verbal communication. Discourse researchers mobilize theories and methods to account for objects at the intersection of language, power and society.

DiscourseNet has existed since 2008. Members of DiscourseNet meet in regular congresses, conferences and summer schools. Coordinated by a Board, DiscourseNet helps create and pursue research activities across disciplines, countries and languages. It runs various publication outlets and it has created this web platform.

The Association

DiscourseNet has been a network of discourse analysts and is becoming an association. We are currently consulting with the community and would love to hear about your ideas and sugggestions. Everybody is invited to participate and we encourage you to fill out the DiscourseNet Association survey, the results of which will be presented at the General Assembly on 14/09/19 in Paris.

You will find a draft of the DiscourseNet founding documents here. The General Assembly will vote on these documents and elect a Steering Group. Candidate teams will be announced here as soon as they step forward and send their application to any member of the Board. Please always make sure you are a registered user with an up-to-date account (see the login button at top right).

Latest News

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