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DiscourseNet. International Association for Discourse Studies

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Welcome to the DiscourseNet Association

DiscourseNet welcomes all discourse researchers. We understand Discourse Studies as a field of studying social practices of meaning production in the entanglements of verbal and/or non-verbal communication. Discourse researchers mobilize theories and methods to explain objects at the intersection of language, power and society.

Support DiscourseNet

DiscourseNet is a non-profit association whose members manage their affairs bottom-up. DiscourseNet does not pursue any commercial objectives and this webpage can always be used by you free of charge. However, some essential services such as maintaining this website and keeping the organizational flow active, require some financial help from the community. DiscourseNet members pay a fee of €30 per year, which will support our activities. 

To become a DiscourseNet member, please click on the button below. You can also use the same form to make one-time donations at your discretion.

Join DiscourseNet or donate

As a DiscourseNet member, you 

  • can participate in all DiscourseNet events taking place several times every year;
  • can benefit from the networking, mentoring and support for research projects from the DiscourseNet Board;
  • can submit your work to the DiscourseNet Working Paper series, get feedback and discuss your work at one of the events;
  • will be listed in the membership directory;
  • are invited to participate in the General Assembly where objectives are decided and representatives are elected;
  • elect representatives as president, secretary and treasurer to move the Association forwards;
  • can get support with engagement in discourse-related initiatives (including organizing conferences, projects, publications and building/maintaining research networks).