DiscourseNet Board

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DiscourseNet is a community that builds on the activities of its members. It aims to follow the principles of democracy, diversity, transparency and efficiency. DiscourseNet members elect their representatives which should reflect a diversity of backgrounds. The work of the representatives is supported by the DiscourseNet Board.


  • Benno Herzog (Sociology/Philosophy, Valencia, Spain): President, organisation DNC5 Valencia 2023, winter school Valencia 2022
  • Aurora Fragonara (Linguistics, Lorraine, France): Secretary, membership management, communications, translations
  • Michael Kranert (Communication/Linguistics, Southampton, UK): Treasurer

Board Members:

  • David Adler (Sociology, Oldenburg, Germany): Social media, webpage development, DiscourseNet Collaborative Working Paper Series 
  • Johannes Angermuller (Linguistics/Sociology, The Open University, UK): Founding president, Palgrave Discourse Publications
  • Tamires Bonani (Linguistics, Sao Carlos, Brasil): Spanish/Portuguese language relations
  • Julio Bonatti (Linguistics/Sociology, Madrid, Spain): Spanish/Portuguese language relations
  • Peter Fargas (Information Technology, Leipzig, Germany): Website development, Server administration
  • Sabine Heiss (Sociology, Valencia, Spain): Spanish/portuguese language relations
  • Annette Knaut (Sociology, Augsburg, Germany): Events
  • Jan Krasni (German Studies/Communication, Berlin, Germany): Organisation DN30 Novi Sad, webpage development, social media
  • Amelie Kutter (European Studies/Political Sciences, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany): Publications, Grant proposal, webpage development
  • Jens Maeße (Sociology, Giessen, Germany): DiscourseNet Collaborative Working Paper Series 
  • Magdalena Nowicka-Franczak (Sociology, Lodz, Poland): DiscourseNet Collaborative Working Paper Series
  • Leandro Paolicchi (Philosophy/Sociology, Mar del Plata, Argentina): Spanish/portuguese language relation, organisation DN28 Mar del Plata
  • Yannik Porsché (Philosophy/Psychology/Sociology, Munich, Germany): Publications
  • Elena Psyllakou (Political sciences/Sociology, Ekke, Greece): DiscourseNet Collaborative Working Paper Series 
  • Thomas Jacobs (Sociology, Ghent, Belgium): Grant proposals, membership management
  • Luciana Radut-Gaghi (Media and Communication, Paris, France): Membership management, French language network
  • Jasper Roe (Linguistics/Sociology, Singapore): Asian relations
  • Kseniia Semykina (Linguistics, Moscow, Russia): Membership management, communications
  • Jaspal Singh (Applied Linguistics, The Open University, UK): Membership management, general organisation, organisation DN29 Milton Keynes
  • Constanze Tres (Linguistics, Luxemburg): French language network
  • Susanne Weber (Education, Marburg, Germany): DN event planning
  • Shi-Xu (Linguistics, Hangzhou, China): Asian relations
  • Jan Zienkowski (Media and Communication, Brussels, Belgium): Membership management