DiscourseNet Board

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DiscourseNet is a community that builds on the activities of its members. It aims to follow the principles of democracy, diversity, transparency and efficiency. DiscourseNet members elect the representatives of the Board, which should reflect a diversity of backgrounds. The Board deals with a number of tasks, including website maintenance and development, internal and external communications, finances, decision on and planning of events and activities, publications, projects, groups. The DiscourseNet Board has the following members.

  • Johannes Angermuller (linguistics/sociology, Open University, UK/EHESS Paris, France): President, Steering Group, Palgrave Discourse Publications
  • Peter Fargas (developer, Leipzig, Germany): webpage developer, finances
  • Aurora Fragonara (linguistics, Bergamo, Italy): communications, translations
  • Péter Furkó (communication/linguistics, Budapest, Hungary): organisation DNC4 Budapest 2021
  • Benno Herzog (sociology/philosophy, Valencia, Spain): organisation DNC5 Valencia 2023, winter school Valencia 2022
  • Michael Kranert (communication/linguistics, Southampton): finances
  • Jan Krasni (German Studies/communication, Tyumen, Russia): Steering Group, organisation DN25 Tyumen, communications, social media
  • Felicitas Macgilchrist (education, Göttingen): election officer
  • Jens Maeße (sociology, Gießen, Germany): DiscourseNet Collaborative Working Paper Series 
  • Yannik Porsché (philosophy/psychology/sociology, Munich, Germany): organisation summer school Munich 2020
  • Luciana Radut-Gaghi (media and communication, Paris, France): Treasurer, organisation DNC3ALED
  • Kseniia Semykina (linguistics, Moscow, Russia): membership management, communications
  • Jaspal Singh (linguistics, Hong Kong): Secretary, Steering Group
  • Susanne Weber (education, Marburg, Germany): DN event planning
  • Kaushalya Perera (linguistics, Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Jan Zienkowski (media and communication, Brussels, Belgium): organisation of DN24 Brussels