DiscourseNet events

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DiscourseNet organizes two to four events every year, for instance international DN Congresses with a broad, inclusive theme; thematically focussed DN Conferences; DN Group Events; DN Graduate Schools; Collaborative DN events with other groups or associations. Prospective DN events are discussed in the network and approved by the DN Board

  • DNC3-ALED - 3rd DiscourseNet Congress in collaboration with ALED

Knowledge and power in a polycentric world.
Discourses across languages, cultures and spaces

Keynotes: Caterina Carta (Canada), Patrick Charaudeau (France), Laura Pardo (Argentina), Viviane Resende de Melo (Brazil)
Paris Seine, France, 11-14/09/2019

  • DN23 - 23rd DiscourseNet conference

Discourse, power and mind:
between reason and emotion

Bergamo, Italy, 06-08/06/2019

  • DN22 - 22nd DiscourseNet conference 

Discourse, Power, Subjectivation
Gießen, Germany, 12-14/09/2018

  • DN21 - 21st DiscourseNet conference in collaboration with Political Discourse and Multidisciplinary Approaches #2

New Discourses of Populism and Nationalism
Edinburgh, Scotland, 21-22/06/2018

  • DN20 - DiscourseNet conference and 20th meeting

Exploring Fuzzy Boundaries in Discourse Studies
Keynotes: Christopher Hart (University of Lancaster) and Heike Pichler (Newcastle University, UK)
Budapest, Hungary, 18-19/05/2018

  • DNC2 - 2nd DiscourseNet Congress 

Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies:
Theory and Practice
Warwick (Coventry), UK, 13-15/09/2017

  • DN19 - DiscourseNet conference and meeting

Discourse, Knowledge and Practice in Society
Keynote: Isabela Fairclough (University of Central Lancashire)
Distinguished Guest: Norman Fairclough (University of Lancaster)
Bucharest, Romania, 07-08/07/2017

  • DN18 - DiscourseNet conference and 18th meeting 

Gender and Discourse
Paderborn, Germany, 08-09/09/2016

  • DN17 - DiscourseNet conference and 17th meeting 

Reflexivity and Critique in Discourse
Pamplona, Spain, 16-18/03/2016

  • 2nd DiscourseNet Spring School 

Critical Usage of Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods Software for Discourse Studies
Pamplona, Spain, 21-24/03/2016

  • DNC1 - 1st DiscourseNet Congress and 16th meeting 

International Discourse Congress
Bremen, Germany, 23-26/09/2015

  • DN15 - DiscourseNet conference and 15th meeting

Discourses of Culture – Cultures of Discourse
Belgrade, Serbia, 19-21/03/2015

  • 1st DiscourseNet Winter School

Valencia, Spain, 20-24/01/2015

  • 14th meeting

Diskurs - semiotisch, mit dem Tagungsnetzwerk Diskurs interdisziplinär 
Mannheim, Germany, 04-06/12/2014

  • 13th meeting

Discourse Studies in the Social Sciences.
Towards a Dialogue between Theory and Analysis
Warwick, UK, Spring 2014

  • 12th meeting

Der Diskurs der Diskursforschung. Disziplinäre, transdisziplinäre und interdisziplinäre Perspektiven
Bern, Switzerland, Autumn 2013

11th meeting: Berlin, Germany, spring 2013; 10th meeting: Bremen, Germany, autumn 2012; 9th meeting: Bielefeld, Germany, spring 2012; 8th meeting: Berlin, Germany, autumn 2011; 7th meeting: Berlin, Germany, spring 2011; 6th meeting: Berlin, Germany, autumn 2010; 5th meeting: Sankt Andreasberg, Germany, spring 2010; 4th meeting: Munich, Germany, autumn 2009; 3rd meeting: Paris, France, spring 2009; 2nd meeting: Wuppertal, Germany, autumn 2008; 1st meeting: Magdeburg, Germany, January 2008