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The DiscourseNet community has created this platform, which is open to everybody interested in discourse research. Programmed by Daniel Wrana and coordinated by Johannes Angermuller, it was launched in 2008. From 2013-2018, the webpage received funding from the ERC DISCONEX project, led by Johannes Angermuller, and from FHNW Bale (Daniel Wrana). The newly-formed DiscourseNet Board meets several times each year to discuss the ongoing business and future of DiscourseNet. Martin Braun and Peter Fargas are developing and maintaining the new website. We have around 5000 registered users, who have sent around more than 1000 calls, announcements and messages over the last years.


The various areas and groups have been created by many voluntary contributors. In September 2018, we switched to a Drupal-based platform. A dedicated team of language administrators is producing versions in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Greek and Polish, which we intend to roll out soon. 


All pages may not be fully functional and we need your feedback if you come across a problem. Also, we'd be glad to hear if you want to help develop the site. Please contact Jan Zienkowski, who manages the website, and Jaspal Singh, who does the communications (contact@discourseanalysis.net).