Strategies of the Temporary, Legitimation of the Permanent: The Consolidation of the Bonner Republik in Northern Rhine-Westphalia

The conference will focus on the Bonner Republik (i.e., post-war Germany before reunification, after which the West German capital was moved from Bonn to Berlin) as an historical period, as a

I International Conference on Child Studies

Submitted by Rui Ramos on Fri, 06/03/2022 - 00:45

The I International Conference on Child Studies aims to problematise universal, normative, essentialist and paternalist views of childhood and to give visibility to work focusing on children’s worlds and lived realities in uncertain times.
One of the strands of the conference is Children's Language, Reading and Writing.
Abstracts must be sent in English, but works can also be presented in Portuguese and Spanish.

Repenser le savoir, refonder l'université / Rethinking Knowledge, Reshaping the University

The 17th international conference of the Société d'Activités et de Recherches sur les mondes Indiens on the theme "Rethinking Knowledge, Reshaping the University" will be held (in English and in French) on the 16th and 17th June 2022 in Toulouse and on Zoom.
Details in the programme and abstracts.

EMOIR Symposium - Join us free to watch the sessions live and online

The Symposium on 'Emotions and Foreign Policy in Global International Relations: The West and the Rest' will be held from July 7-8th 2022 in Pamplona, Spain. This two-day hybrid symposium at the Universidad de Navarra aims to bring together scholars who work on the role of emotions in foreign policy in ‘non-Western’ geopolitical contexts by taking different experiences, histories, and agencies into account and/or focusing on the relations of the Global South countries with the ‘West’ (i.e. Western European Countries and the USA).

The Discursive Construction of Reality V - Interdisciplinary perspectives on a sociology of knowledge approach to discourse research

Over the last decades, the research program outlined by the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse (SKAD) has spread to many disciplines in social science. SKAD discourse research, drawing upon Michel Foucault’s work, symbolic interactionism and sociology of knowledge, is interested in exploring processes of ‘discursive construction of reality’, social relations of knowledge and knowing, and politics of knowledge and knowing – the manifold ways of discursive meaning making.