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The conference itself is free of costs. However, to register for DN29, you must be a fee-paying member of the DiscourseNet Association. The annual membership fee is 30€.


Please follow these three simple steps.

1. Sign up to our website: Please visit and create a profile, if you don't have one already.

2. Pay your annual DN membership fees:  While we do not charge fees for the conference itself, to participate at DN29 you must be a fee-paying member of the DiscourseNet Association. The annual membership fee for individuals is 30€. Annual membership will allow you to participate in all DiscourseNet events in the next 12 months, among other benefits, as specified on our website: Some colleagues such as those from the Open University School of Languages and Applied Linguistics are already members through their institutional membership and won’t have to pay.

We have prepared the following payment options for you to become a member of the DiscourseNet Association, and we will use your registration data for our membership register:

Your support is important to help us to organise other such events in the future and keep our webpage running. Thank you!

3. Register for the conference: More information on how to register for the conference will be announced here in due time.


If you have any questions, please send an email to Jaspal: