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The conference itself is free of costs. However, to register for DN29, you must be a fee-paying member of the DiscourseNet Association. The annual membership fee is 30€.

Please follow these three simple steps: (1) sign up to our website, (2) pay your annual DN membership fees and (3) register for the conference. 


1. Sign up to our website: Please visit http://www.discourseanalysis.net and create a profile, if you don't have one already.

2. Pay your annual DN membership fees:  While we do not charge fees for the conference itself, you must be a fee-paying member of the DiscourseNet Association. The annual membership fee for individuals is 30€, as specified on our website: https://discourseanalysis.net/DN

We have prepared the following payment options for you to become a member of the DiscourseNet Association, and we will use your registration data for our membership register:

  • For regular automatic payments, we’ve set up the following Paypal plan (N.B. The added 2€ are to cover the Paypal fee).
  • One-off payments can be made here.
  • While the event will be free, we encourage you to donate money here to support our networking activities and the infrastructure of the website.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties with PayPal, please send an email to dn29@discourseanalysis.net and we can also send you our German bank details and you can issue a direct bank transfer.

Your support is important to help us to organise other such events in the future and keep our webpage running. Thank you!

3. Register for the conference: Register for the conference using this form


If you have any questions, please send an email to Jaspal: dn29@discourseanalysis.net.