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Introduction to DN29 Visiolinguistics: Panoramas of Languaging and Visuality

Jaspal Naveel Singh (The Open University)


Socially mediated visiolinguistics

"There's no pride in anti-Semitism": The politics of multimodal framings of anti-Semitism in the Washington, DC queer community on Facebook

Katherine Arnold-Murray (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)


Appraisal in text-image social media content

Catherine Bouko (Ghent University, Belgium) 


Emoji, journalistic discourse, and the enduring myth of a universal visual language

Agnese Sampietro (University Jaume, Spain)


Vlog as a multimodal translanguaging space: A corpus-assisted approach

Hülya Mısır (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)


Historical visiolinguistics and the visiolinguistics of writing

Animal tracks: Visiocreolization and the reading of identity in ancient Mesoamerica

Kathryn Hudson (University at Buffalo, USA)


Visual power and pragmatics: Royal correspondence of England and Scotland, 1513-1542 

Mel Evans (University of Leeds) and Helen Newsome (University College Dublin, Ireland)


The many orthographies of Kristang, a critically endangered creole language of Melaka and Singapore

Kevin Martens Wong (leader of the Kristang people of Singapore/Merlionsman of the Republic of Singapore)


Writing describing itself: How the duality of writing as a metalinguistic instrument and research object challenges Descriptive Grapholinguistics

Dimitrios Meletis (University of Vienna, Austria)


Visiolinguistic landscapes

Theme park linguistic landscapes: The example of Greece in Europa-Park

Martina Schrader Kniffki (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany) & Florian Freitag (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany) 


Mater/e/alities as discursive elements: A case study of the linguistic landscape of Gladstonos Street in Athens

Ntefne Dafni Santsak & Roula Kitsiou (University of Thessaly, Greece)


Toilet graffiti: What we can learn form the visual languaging in the stalls

Mabel Victoria (Edinburgh Napier University, UK)


A spectre is haunting Changsha: A study on the use of symbolic landscaped in the ideological discourse production of the Communist Party of China

Enoch Liu (Hunan First Normal University, China)


Education and visiolinguistics

Orders of the gaze: Potentials of a viscourse oriented organizational education perspective

Susanne Weber & Eva Bulgrin (Philipps University Marburg, Germany) 


"Your hard work lacks only a direction": Affective-semiotic interpellation in shadow education 

Vincent Wai Sum Tse (Monash University, Australia/The University of Warwick, UK) & Kyle Pui Lun Sze (The University of Hong Kong, SAR China)


Visual branding in higher education: A mulitmodal exploration of logos and typography on Pakistani universities' Twitter accounts 

Fareeha Aazam (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia) 


The visiolinguistics of fiction, film, advertisements and comics

A historical and updated view of the representation of rape in pornographic novels

Carmen Gregori-Signes (Universitat de València, Spain)


Visual communication and attention getting strategy in digital age: The case of female nudity in advertisements

Isaiah Agbo, Ibe Marcelina C. & Goodluck C. Kadiri (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)


Exposing bodyshaming and sexist attitudes in 1980s Wales: An analysis of Joanna Quinn's Body Beautiful (1990) through the lens of Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis

Cristina María Tello Barbé (University of Valencia, Spain)


The visuality of humor in the comics of Nonte Fonte

Pritha Chandra & Subir Dey (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India) 


Visiolinguistics in politics

The letter of the law: Legal and unreadable

Karen Adams (Arizona State University, USA) 


(In-)vsible bodies: Visual body politics in the discursive space of media representation

Julia Korell (Philipps-University Marburg, Germany)


Visual and verbal construction of corruption: 'The Cyprus Papers'

Costas Constandinides & Dimitris Trimithiotis (University of Cyprus)


Toward elimination: Positioning the LGBT*IQ subject in orders of the gaze: Homophobia at the intersection of (post-)coloniality and gender

Laura Kaluza (Philipps University Marburg, Germany)


The visiolinguistics of protests and activism

The ‘visual turn’ in protests and social movement studies: Reimagining ‘the people’ in Romania’s 2017 pro-democracy protests

Dana D. Trif (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania)


"Be water": A flowing Hong Kong protestscape

Jennifer Eagleton (The University of Hong Kong, SAR China)


Visual politics and image activism: A viscourse analytical approach

Sarah Wieners & Susanne Weber (Philipps University Marburg, Germany)


Cognitive approaches to visiolinguistics

Reading between the lines: Text-picture integration by English and Chinese readers

Chenyi Zhang (University of Cambridge, UK)


Cognitive glues for abstract concept visualization in cognitive modeling

Lyubov Gurevich (Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia) 


Eye movement and reading comprehension in the Greek language while listening to music: An eye tracking study

Maria Gkantaki and Georgia Andreou (University of Thessaly, Greece)