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The Anthem Companion to Harold Garfinkel

Submitted by Luca Greco on Fri, 08/25/2023 - 19:36

The Anthem Companion to Harold Garfinkel
Edited by Philippe Sormani and Dirk vom Lehn

Introduction: Rediscovering Garfinkel’s “Experiments,” Renewing Ethnomethodological Inquiry, Philippe Sormani and Dirk vom Lehn;


1. Garfinkel’s Praxeological “Experiments” - Michael Lynch
2. The Continuity of Garfinkel’s Approach: Seeking Ways of “Making the Phenomenon Available Again” Through the Experience and Usefulness of “Trouble” - Clemens Eisenmann & Anne Warfield Rawls


3. Lay and Professional Competencies: Linking Garfinkel’s Tutorial Exercises to a Study of Legal Work - Stacy Lee Burns
4. Bargaining on Street-Markets as “Experiment in Miniature” - Dirk vom Lehn
5. Notes on Galileo’s Pendulum - Dušan I. Bjelić
6. Disruptures of Normal Appearances in Public Space: The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Natural Breaching Situation - Lorenza Mondada & Hanna Svensson
7. Gender as a Scientific Experiment: Toward a Queer Ethnomethodology - Luca Greco
8. Breaching and Robot Experiments: Continuing Harold Garfinkel’s Spirit of Experimentation - Keiichi Yamazaki & Yusuke Arano
9. Dealing with Daemons: Trust in Autonomous Systems - Jonas Ivarsson


10. Experimenting with the Archive? Performing Purdue in Paris, an Instructive Reprise - Yaël Kreplak & Philippe Sormani
11. Rereading Galileo’s Inclined Plane Demonstration - Kenneth Liberman, in conversation with Harold Garfinkel

Postface: “Experiments”—What Are We Talking About? A Plea For Conceptual Investigations - Wes Sharrock