Situating Soft Authoritarianism Between Geopolitical Complexities and Everyday Practices

The Russian government’s war against Ukraine has exposed multiple dimensions and geopolitical faultlines of contemporary authoritarianisms: The systematic hijacking of state institutions and accumulation of wealth through the extraction and capitalization of gas, oil and coal clearly stand out as indispensable preconditions for Russia’s neo-imperialism and military power. The invasion has been accompanied by the dissemination of state-steered lies, disinformation and ethno-nationalist narratives.

Decolonising Discourse Studies: Qualitative research on (non)discursive and postcolonial construction of realities

Discourse Studies have an important record of analysing all types of open and subtle discrimination in and through discourses. Racism in all its varieties is one of the most researched topics in discourse studies.

Asia Week: Politics, Technology and Trust in the Fight Against Covid-19(October 19: 15:30-1730 JST: GMT+9)

Submitted by Toru Oga on Sun, 10/17/2021 - 22:17

It may be of your interest. Kyushu University organizes a series of symposium, named Asia Week. I also organize the panel, "Politics, Technology and Trust in the Fight Against Covid-19". The panel will critical assess political discourse of anti-Covid measures in Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. This is an Online workshop and everyone is welcome!!

Details are as follows:

Call for contributions to the authors' workshop and special issue on Covid crisis discourse at Crisis Discourse Blog

Call for contributions to the authors’ workshop and special issue on # Covid crisis discourse (online)

An initiative of the DVPW Discourse Group and Crisis Discourse Blog, hosted by the Viadrina Institute of European Studies

Workshop: 2-3 December, 2021, @ Zoom

Deadline for abstract submission: 23 October, 2021