Antipodean Populism and the Fabrication of a Risk Society

Over the past decades, populism has increasingly gained ground both on a national and global scale,
turning from an epiphenomenon into a structural aspect of contemporary world politics. Despite its
idiosyncratic features within the manifold socio-historical contexts worldwide, at the core of
populism lies the constitution of an anti-establishment and anti-intellectual group claiming
sovereign powers for a putative homogeneous collectivity, “the people” (Laclau 2005).

Third World Congress of Transdisciplinarity Virtual and Presential

1. Due to the international conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, the dates of the III World Congress of Transdisciplinarity are moved for the first week of November 2021, in face-to-face modality. All accepted registrations are maintained for the 2021 event program: the registration process remains open through Easy Chair until January 31, 2021. Prepayments can be made from July 1, 2020 until March 31, 2021.


IPrA 2021 - Panel: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Discourse on Covid-19

The rapid spread of the previously unknown coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has led to political decisions in many countries which have had a profound impact on the lives of all people in societies. In the public discourse on the Covid-19 pandemic these political decisions and their consequences for certain social groups are vividly discussed. The panel aims at investigating and (critically) discussing facets of inclusion and exclusion in the public discourse by the means of discourse linguistic analysis.

YouthMediaLife 2021

Dear colleagues,

more than ever, young people's lifeworlds are largely governed by their media practices, a phenomenon which can be approached from a variety of disciplines. The interdisciplinary research platform #YouthMediaLife at the University of Vienna is organising a conference on the topic of young people's mediatised lifeworlds.