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Winter School "Language for Communication: Research Perspective"

Mon, 01/25/2021 - Sat, 01/30/2021
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Winter School "Language for Communication: Research Perspective" is from three - to five-day event for individuals or groups organised by the University of Latvia, Riga (Latvia) with cooperation with the Field Committee on Linguistics of Discourse of the International Committee of Slavists and International academic Project D-ART.

Target audience: Master, doctoral students and young researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Working language: English.

Scope of the school: The goal of the School is to offer training in conducting research projects in linguistics, humanities and social sciences at large. The school offers a comprehensive theoretical overview of major text and discourse research methods as well as their practical application depending on the nature of the research questions and fostering the interdisciplinarity.

Mode: On-line lectures, seminars and tutorials.

The sessions comprise:

  • Qualititative and quantitative research methods and data collection tools (e.g. case studies, ethnography, interviews, focus groups, classroom research, mapping)
  • Discourse analysis: descriptive, multi-modal, causal-genetic models, content theories of discourse in their application to different discourse types
  • Pragmatics: data collection in pragmatic research, pragmatic transfer in interaction
  • Genre analysis: move and step analysis of research genres, genre networks, genre conventionalism, intertextuality and interdicursivity
  • Building researcher’s scientific capacity: enhancements of the skills of research writing and posing research questions.

Please submit electronically: CV and half a page the summary of current research is needed ASAP.

Contact person: Irina Oukhvanova, Professor ordinarius, PhD, DSc. Email address: ioukhvanova@gmail.com

The school gives EU certificates and additional points for those who study. Moreover, it gives a higher rating for MA researchers if they plan to continue their studies at the PhD course.

The fee for five-day event is 200 euro.


The University of Latvia
The University of Latvia
Contact person
Irina Oukhvanova, Professor ordinarius, PhD, DSc.
Contact person email address