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Wednesday book launch, Careers of the Professoriate

Wed, 08/30/2023
Registration deadline

United Kingdom

You are cordially invited to a book launch event

Careers of the Professoriate: Academic Pathways of the Linguists and Sociologists in Germany, France and the UK by Johannes Angermuller and Philippe Blanchard

on Wednesday, 30th August 2-3pm.

We will be exchanging with Charoula Tzanakou (Oxford Brookes) and Joseph C Hermanowicz (Georgia).

The event is hybrid and you may find us in room E2.02 in the Social Sciences building on the Warwick campus. If you want to join online, just write to me and I will send you the link.

Johannes (Angermuller)


Johannes Angermuller and Philippe Blanchard (2023) Careers of the Professoriate. Academic pathways of the linguists and sociologists in Germany, France and the UK. London: Palgrave.

This book examines career patterns of the professoriate. Professors may appear as specialised individualists in their fields, and yet they follow pathways which are anything but unique. Drawing from a unique data set, the authors analyse the trajectories of the almost 2000 linguists and sociologists who hold full professorships in Germany, France and the UK in 2015.  With a background in social theory, they reveal models, structures and rules that organise the professional lives and biographies of the most senior academics. This book presents the results of a systematic empirical study, which will be of interest to specialists in higher education studies as well as to linguists and sociologists, and to all academics more generally.


If you are interested in the social dynamics of our field, you may also want to have a look at an earlier publication which focuses on citation in Applied Linguistics:

Johannes Angermuller and Julian Hamann (2019) ‘The celebrity logics of the academic field. The unequal distribution of citation visibility of Applied Linguistics professors in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom’, Journal for Discourse Studies 1, 77-93.