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The organizers invite novice as well as experienced academics from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to sociology, ethnology, political science, linguistics, psychology and educational science, to explore the potential of the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse (SKAD) to studying discourses in the context of their own projects and research.

SKAD is perhaps the most recent major approach to emerge in this field, drawing from Berger & Luckmann's sociology of knowledge, the interpretative paradigm in pragmatist sociology, and core Foucaultian concepts in the analysis of regimes of power/knowledge. In doing so, SKAD re-directs discourse research towards Foucaultian research interests about questions of social relationships of knowledge & knowing and politics of knowledge & knowing. Concerning itself with ‘ways of doing’, it uses elements of qualitative research design (like theoretical sampling, sequential analysis, analysis by contrasting cases, category building, discourse ethnography) and interpretative analytics.

During the workshop, data sessions will be included, that is participants will work together on concrete empirical data. Furthermore, participants may present their own research project and data, which will discussed in a group setting.

Reiner Keller & Sasa Bosancic
University of Augsburg
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