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Special Issue on Cognitive Linguistics

Wed, 11/01/2023 - Sat, 07/20/2024
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Call for Paper Proposals


Special issue on Cognitive Linguistics


Journal of Researches in Linguistics; July 2024




Special issue editor: Dr. Hadaegh Rezaei (University of Isfahan, Iran)


Supervising editor: Dr. Mohammad Amouzadeh (University of Isfahan, Iran)




We are delighted to announce that the Journal of Researches in Linguistics (https://jrl.ui.ac.ir/?lang=en) is scheduled to publish a special issue to research in Cognitive Linguistics through the open proposal process. We welcome high-quality theoretical and experimental full-research papers written in academic English that investigate themes that fall under any area within Cognitive Linguistics, including cognitive phonology, cognitive perspectives to morphology, cognitive grammar, cognitive semantics, cognitive pragmatics, cognitive approaches to discourse analysis, and cognitive sociolinguistics. Topics include but are not limited to:


·         conceptualization, conceptual operations, and construal


·         embodied cognition (from perception to cognition, simulation, image schemas)


·         categorization (radial categories and prototypicality, semantic network, fictive motion, conceptual metaphor, and metonymy)


·         context, entrenchment, and language change


·         constructionist approaches to language (constructions, and constructionalization)


·         mental space, conceptual blending, and emergent meaning


·         cognitive approach to multimodality


·          schematic systems and closed-class semantics


·         encyclopedic meaning, access semantics, frames


·         language, thought, universality, and language specificity


·         cultural cognition


·         interface between semantics and syntax, and interdisciplinary approaches to language and cognition (language and emotions, language and the brain)


·         Applied cognitive linguistics




   Prospective authors are required to submit original proposals on the relevant topics, taking the following guidelines and deadlines into serious consideration.




Proposal submission:


   We call for proposals with no more than 300 words that include the following information:


• Title of the proposed paper


• Name/s and affiliation/s of the author/s


• Email of the corresponding author


• clear reference to the focus and aim of the paper, its theoretical underpinning, the nature of data to be engaged with, preliminary findings, potential contribution to the field, and how the proposed paper connects with the special issue theme


• References


• Bio of the author/s – maximum 75 words (each)


Proposals should be submitted by email to the special issue editor, Dr. Hadaegh Rezaei at: hadaeghrezaei@gmail.com or hadaeghrezaei@fgn.ui.ac.ir  


All proposals will undergo peer review and the results of the peer review will be communicated to the authors. Authors whose proposals are accepted will be invited to submit their full papers to the journal. All submitted papers will be reviewed according to the standard policies of the journal. Accepted papers will be published open access in the journal’s special issue.




Special issue timeline:


Deadline for article proposals: December 6, 2023 (send to the editor – see email above)


Decision on proposals: December 20, 2023


Deadline for article drafts: March 5, 2024


First round review feedback to authors: April 15, 2024


Deadline for revised articles: May 15, 2024


Feedback on revised articles: May 30, 2024


Final submission from authors: June 15, 2024


Publication: July 2024



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