Real, Imagined, and Displayed Fragility: Vulnerable Positions and Positioning in Society A Conference Series on Contradictory Discourses of Marginality. Bremen-Turku-Warsaw-Stockholm Series on Studies in Discourse and Contradiction - BTWS Series 2018–2021

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A research network at the University of Warsaw, University of Bremen, Technical University of Dresden, Åbo Akademi University (in Åbo/Turku) and Stockholm University address questions of social positions and positioning in a conference series on contradictory discourses of marginality and demarginalizations.

Social positions and positioning stand in connection to linguistic practices of stance taking and staging, of making oneself heard. Questions of marginal or central membership in groups and mechanisms of belongings have a high significance in constituting voices of actors in emerging discourses. In these processes of positioning in the sense of stance taking and/or staging, contradictory discursive figurations become visible which often represent a challenge for modern democratic societies.

The goal of the conference series is to reach an understanding of contemporary discourses shaped by contradictory configurations through in-depth analysis. The conference series is also associated with the section Discourses on Centrality and Marginality – Discourse Linguistic Agendas in Times of Contradiction at the XIV. Congress of the International Association for Germanic Studies in Palermo, Italy (IVG 2021) and the European Research Network on Discourses of Marginality and Demarginalizations.

The third conference within the series will take place in Warsaw, Poland. With the following call we kindly invite you to hand in an abstract to participate in this event.


Silvia Bonacchi – Ingo H. Warnke – Hanna Acke – Charlotta Seiler Brylla – Carsten Junker
University of Warsaw
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