[Publication] Semen 49 - Signifiant et matière (coord. M. Colas-Blaise, M. G. Dondero, E. Pelard)

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the publication of the 49th issue of the journal Semen - Revue de sémiolinguistique des textes et discours, entitled

Signifiant et matière : l’iconicité et la plasticité dans le document numérique verbal et visuel
2021 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-842-9 – 178 pages – format : 15x21 cm – 18,50€

coordonated by Marion Colas-Blaise, Maria Giulia Dondero and Emmanuelle Pelard.

Summary: The questions addressed concern the material, iconic and plastic aspects of the verbal and visual digital document in relation to the editorial and auctorial devices, and the technological aspects

Please find here attached the cover, the table of content as well as the introduction of the issue written by M. Colas-Blaise and M. G. Dondero (also available on the PUFC website, see below).

To order your copy, please visit our website: https://pufc.univ-fcomte.fr/revues/semen/semen-49.html.

Marion Bendinelli
for the editorial committee