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Intensive Week Methods Training for Postgraduate Students

Submitted by Jan Krasni on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 22:17
Mon, 07/13/2020 - Fri, 07/17/2020

Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Intensive Week Methods Training for Postgraduate Students


Register at: https://phdmethodstraining.education/


Five days, three to four 1-hour training sessions per day with synchronous presentation, recorded for asynchronous viewing and later use!

Many presenters from DiscourseNet Association!

Write here to register and attend (open for everyone!): saraswati.dawadi@open.ac.uk

Experts will present their method specialism, followed by discussion sessions led by students or experts and/or practice sessions with peer support. These sessions are not recorded.

Asynchronous discussion strands in forums to summarise discussions and share practical advice.

Five allocated hours for doctoral students to present their own work; plus website area for poster presentations if needed. Peer feedback and expert feedback on presentations and posters.


Some of the topics!
1) Questionnaire design for beginners
2) Using interviews as a research instrument
3) Meaning Making in the Digital Environment (Digital infrastructures/dispositif & multimodality theory)
4) Gathering research data online: practical and ethical considerations
5) Ethics application forms
6) Ethnography, Autoethnography, Linguistic and Discourse ethnography
7) Discourse and critique
8) Critical Discourse Analysis: concepts, methods, applications
9) Discourse Analysis vs. Discourse Theory
10) Grounded Theory in practice
11) Multimodality / Social Semiotics 
12) Social network analysis
13) Ontology: From Socio-culturalism to Post-Humanism
14) Eyetracking in a socio-cultural framework



Johannes Angermuller & Ursula Stickler (organisers)
Bart Rientles
Jan Krasni
Benno Herzog
Jaspal Singh
Yannick Porsché
Franco Zappetini
Claire Hewson
Mirjam Hauck
Jackie Tuck
Helene Pulker
Ann Storkey
Müge Satar
Christian Schmitt
Sagun Shrestha
Victoria Murphy
Martina Emke
Stefan Rathert
Jagadish Poudel

Link for guests: https://ou.adobeconnect.com/r2e0z0gnqvcq/

Johannes Angermuller & Ursula Stickler
Open University Milton Keynes
Contact person email address
DiscourseNet + Open University