Communicating Sustainability Conference 2022/COP26 Podcast

Following on from COP26, please see below a call for colloquia for Communicating Sustainability, a conference to be hosted from Glasgow, with parallel events in Brazil and the US.  Calls for papers for Brazil and the US will follow.


In other news....The Podcast on The Language of COP26 from Michael Farrelly and myself has now come to an end. All ten episodes are available at

Feel free to use these in whatever way you choose. 


Call for Papers: Conference on Communicating Sustainability. Glasgow University, 6th and 7th September 2022.


Proposals for colloquia and roundtables are invited for a multisectoral conference on Communicating Sustainability at Glasgow University on 6th and 7th September 2022.

We do not propose any single definition of sustainability in advance of the conference. Instead, Communicating Sustainability will bring together community groups, academics, businesses, media, educationalists and activists to discuss how social and environmental aspects of sustainability are understood and represented within specific sectors and to work together to find ways in which the different understandings, capacities and needs of each group are discussed and negotiated.

There are no restrictions on what colloquia and roundtables will be considered and we encourage presenters from both inside and outside academia.

On Day One of the conference, we will host colloquia and roundtables where representatives from different sectors will come together to discuss how key social and environmental issues are represented and discussed within their own sector.

At the end of Day One, participants from each session should produce a short summary of: (i) how sustainability is interpreted and represented in their sector; (ii) which are the principal voices in the discussion and which carry most weight; and (iii) who they most need to communicate with outwith their sector and what are the main obstacles are in communicating their understandings and needs to others.


On Day Two, drawing on these summaries, we will hold thematic panels where representatives from different sectors are brought together to discuss cross-cutting issues and to develop strategies for communication and negotiation between sectors.


The event in Glasgow will be held in parallel with events in Brazil and the United States and there will be opportunities to take part in activities across the three sites.

To submit a proposal for a colloquium, please provide a title and a 150-300 word general abstract along with a minimum of three abstracts for individual presentations or, in the case of roundtable events, the details of at least three speakers (300-500 words in each case).


Deadline for submissions: Monday 28th February 2022

Your proposals, and any enquiries, should be sent to the following address: