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Sadiq Bhanbhro
Sheffield Hallam University
Telephone :
+44 7799233994

I am a Senior Research Fellow at College of Health and Well-being and Life Sciences and Doctoral Student at College of Social Sciences and Arts Sheffield Hallam University. I am trained as a social anthropologist, public health professional, and an experienced interdisciplinary researcher with a proven track record of success within research and development.

I consciously consider the social, political, cultural, religious and economic dimensions and dynamics of whatever problems I work on or study. My broader research area is Global Public Health, in which I research on women's health and well-being, gender, sexuality, violence and the intersections among these areas. My research is primarily focused on understanding the notion of honour, its corollary concepts dishonour and shame and its relationship with honour related violence and killings in South Asia and the South Asian communities living in the UK within the theme of gender-based violence.