New publication - Journal for Discourse Studies (JfDS)/ / Zeitschrift für Diskursforschung (ZfD), 8 (1)

Dear discourse researchers,

The Journal for Discourse Studies (JfDS)/Zeitschrift für Diskursforschung (ZfD) is a bilingual, double blind peer-reviewed academic journal that documents the widespread interest in discourse studies within social sciences by publishing outstanding articles from several academic disciplines in the field of discourse research.

All English-language articles are published under a Creative Commons license, which allows for a fast impact and increased citations and publicity. Furthermore, all issues of the Journal for Discourse Studies up to and including the issues of the sixth volume are freely available on the publisher's homepage.

The latest issue of the Journal for Discourse Studies, Volume 8, Issue 1, has just been published. It contains the following articles:

  • Anders Horsbøl
    Controversies over freedom of expression: reflections on a discourse studies approach
  • Pia Müller
    Critical Discourse Studies und Social Media-Diskurse: Theoretische und methodische Herausforderungen sowie mögliche Lösungsansätze
  • Alexandra Núñez
    Der Arabische Frühling – eine westliche Revolution? Ein diskurslinguistischer Beitrag zur lexematischen Wissenskonstitution in Printmedienkommentaren (2010 – 2011)
  • Interview: Ruth Wodak im Gespräch mit Reiner Keller
    Das Gesellschaftliche der Sprache und die Notwendigkeit von Engagement

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As an interdisciplinary forum for discourse studies, the Journal for Discourse has been publishing contributions on theory, methodology, methods, and empirical studies from social scientists, linguists, and researchers from other disciplines since 2013. It offers a forum for discussion that is open to all theoretical and empirical perspectives on discourse research.

The Journal for Discourse Studies is published two times a year and we hereby like to remind you that the JfDS is interested in your submissions!

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