Covid, Culture and Communication (CCC)

Covid, Culture and Communication (CCC)
One-day online conference
Université Paris Nanterre - France
June 4 2021

The current pandemic has brought into sharp focus a number of issues within the field of communication that have direct stakes in language, discourse and culture. Much emphasis has already been placed on the communication used by governments to manage the pandemic and on that produced, in reaction, by citizens. But another major issue is the upheaval brought about in the field of specialized communication, namely the switch from in-person to online communication, and more generally how the pandemic has affected us professionally.
The aim of this one-day conference is to provide, more than one year into the pandemic, an initial space for reflection, in which to analyse some of the multiple connections within the covid-culture-communication interface, both on a general level, but particularly in relation to discourse practice in the professional context. Indeed, the era of covid has modified communication formats and ushered in new formats which beg analysis on the linguistic, discursive and institutional levels. Such an analysis is enriched by cultural considerations, like by what Michel Foucault terms ”cultural spaces” (Les mots et les choses) in which manifestations of culture (language, institutions, religious beliefs, economic systems, etc…) share a common fabric of representations proper not only to physical spaces (homes, classrooms, hospitals, the workplace...), but to abstract ones as well (internet, media, institutions, art…).

Angles of enquiry include:
- A comparison between cultural spaces and places;
- The shift from in-person to computer-mediated communication;
- Concrete studies of new types of discourse practice ushered in under covid, or modified forms of discourse practice, in which actors of the business world now need to engage;
- New discourses of the international workplace;
- Shifts in work practice generally, including the blurring of the professional/personal spaces;
- Sociological and/or psychological stakes of such shifts in work practice.

Plenary speakers:
Danièle Linhart, Professor of Sociology, CNRS, France
Almut Koester, Professor in English language, Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna, Austria
Suzanne Tieze, Professor of multilingual management, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom

To enrol to attend the conference, please contact the conference organisers:
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