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CfP conference workshop: Post-structuralism, Populism and ‘the outskirts’

Call for Papers

The Nordic Political Science Association's congress takes place in Bergen, Norway, on the 25th - 28th of June, 2024. The deadline for submitting paper proposals have been extended to 12 January 2024. The Nordic Political Science Congress is a conference based on workshops.

The workshop Post-structuralism, Populism and ‘the outskirts’ invites post-structuralist – in the broadest sense – inspired analysis of contemporary societal challenges and political struggles such as populism. We especially welcome analysis of or from ‘the outskirts’, in both physical, metaphorical and theoretical sense. These could be analyses of e.g. a political place/space or through perspectives that place the creation/doing of the outskirts at the centre. We invite to reflections on ‘the outskirts’ of the social sciences - for example, those that shed new light on post-structuralist, post-foundationalist, performative, or various forms of bottom-up perspectives.

We invite papers focusing on, among other things, e.g.:
- An ‘outskirts’ perspective sheds new light on post-structuralist accounts of (counter) hegemony),
political struggles and populism?
- What happens when 'popularity' simultaneously becomes both outskirts and the centre of politics?

More information about the workshop can be found in the link, as well as the attachment (see workshop 29). You apply to a workshop by sending an email directly to the chairs of the workshop by 12 January containing: 

a) the paper title,
b) abstract (150-200 words) and,
c) the name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliation and email address.

In addition to the academic debate, the workshop organisers are planning a complementary screening of the film "Ottar Brox - The Coastal Warrior", and an easy (by Norwegian measures) group hike to enjoy the view from one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen.