Call for paper Special Issue of Terminology: The Terminological Impact of Pandemics - COVID-19 and Beyond

We would like to invite submission of extended abstracts for papers to be published in a special issue of Terminology. 
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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our private and social lives. The threat of the virus has a global impact on our health systems, our lifestyles and mobility, our educational and professional activities, and has led to new forms of social interaction and communication. Infectious disease and public health specialists face the challenge of educating policy makers and the public about viral diseases, viral variants, and the negative physical, psychological, and social impact of pandemics. New terms emerge almost daily, leaving a multitude of lasting traces in the terminology and discourse of professional and public communication.

This Special Issue of Terminology aims to provide an insight into state-of-the-art research on the terminology of pandemics. The issue aims to initiate a debate on what lessons can be learned from the current COVID-19 and past health crises for successful (multilingual) terminology planning, management, and public communication in different (inter)national institutions, monolingual and multilingual contexts and different disciplinary fields. The focus will be on terminological dynamics, including the emergence and growth of terms and the use of terms in different communicative contexts and in everyday discourse, among other topics. A wide range of disciplines will be considered, including the (bio)medical sciences (e.g., microbiology, virology, epidemiology, psychiatry) and other social and applied sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, law, economics, IT, and technology).

We welcome theoretical and (cross-linguistic) descriptive contributions based on authentic (multilingual) terminological data and/or resources informed by various frameworks, including prescriptive, descriptive social and communicative theories of terminology as well as (socio-)cognitive and frame-based approaches and ontoterminology.

Deadline for submission of extended 2 page abstract (in English, max. 2000 words, including preliminary results and references): October 31st 2021. Other deadlines to be found in the pdf mentioned above.

For any request contact both cornelia.wermuth@kuleuven and