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20 July, 2022, 1-2pm UTC+1: Presentation of the Crisis Discourse Blog and its Covid-19 special edition at IFES via Zoom

Wed, 07/20/2022

On 20 July, 1-2pm, you will have the occasion to discuss, with CriDis editors, including Dr Christiane Barnickel, Dr Elena Dück and Dr Amelie Kutter, the just-launched Crisis Discourse Blog and its Covid-19 special edition. Authors of the Covid-19 special edition will also be present. They will present their work at the Viadrina Institute of European Studies (IFES), the home of the workshop where contributions to the special edition originated. Dr Anja Hennig will facilitate the discussion.

The event will be held online on Zoom and can be accessed via the following link:

Presentation of CriDis and its Covid-19 special issue


Meeting-ID: 891 6185 6701

Kenncode: 554910

For participation via phone search your lokal dial-in number here: https://europa-uni-de.zoom.us/u/kdi4Z5VYBe

About CriDis: Crisis Discourse Blog (CriDis) is a platform for people interested in discourses of crisis. We offer accessible, but scientifically rigorous, analyses of current crisis debate and make suggestions for reflection. We look into framings, forms of language use, images and memes, ambiguous concepts and larger discourse configurations that suggest tackling a crisis in specific ways. We also use photography and illustration to engage with crisis debate. We believe that discourse analysis and artist intervention can help us to better navigate the mediatized drama of crisis and see through its social and political implications.

About the Covid-19 special edition of CriDis: The Covid-19 pandemic is revelatory of many current crisis tendencies, but it also reconfigured the way in which we imagine and do politics. This CriDis special edition on Covid-19 looks into nuances of the pandemic political that unfold from a discourse perspective: the re-drawn boundaries of inclusion and exclusion that constitute social groups, the governmentality of the responsible subject, pandemic biopolitics and possible alternatives, and the discourses and routines of states of exception. The Covid-19 special edition is an iniative of the DVPW discourse research group.

Dr Amelie Kutter, Dr Christiane Barnickel, Dr Elena Dück in cooperation with DVPW and IFES
Viadrina Institute for European Studies (IFES)
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Amelie Kutter
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