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Please wire the DN membership fee and the registration fee to the following bank account:


NAME: DiscourseNet

IBAN: DE61830654080004194489


Bank address:


Deutsche Skatbank

Zweigniederlassung der VR-Bank

Altenburger Land eG

Altenburger Straße 13

04626 Schmölln



Please include your name and "DNC4 registration fee + DN membership fee"

At the time of submission participants do not need to commit either to a place-based or virtual presentation.  As a result, we have decided to offer registration fees that are the same for on-site and off-site presenters/participants, that is a registration fee of EUR 60 will apply in either case (in addition to the DN Association’s membership fee) and a reduced registration fee of EUR 40 for enrolled students without access to institutional funding. The DiscourseNet Association membership fee of EUR30 (https://discourseanalysis.net/DN) needs to be paid before or while registering for the DNC4 congress, in the latter case it needs to be added to the registration fee (60+30=90 EUR in case of regular registration, 40+30=70 EUR for reduced registration).