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Project Proposal Group


The Project Proposal Group is formed by registered members of DiscourseNet Association, who are currently working or used to work on a project proposal for a specific funding scheme and are seeking advice or are ready to give advice to fellow DN members. During a group meeting, a single proposal will be discussed with regard to content, funding scheme and ways of including DN activities in the project's budget.

If you think this is something you want to participate in, as active presenter or commentator of project proposals, feel free to join. Only, if you are not yet a member of DiscourseNet Association, you will have to become a member first. For this, go to https://discourseanalysis.net/DN  and press the JoinDiscourseNet button. Once you have registered and paid a support contribution, you will be admitted to meetings of the Project Proposal Group. As group members will be sharing their ideas and sensitive data, we will include only those in a specific meeting who are available at the given date and commit to confidentiality and the protection of privacy.

Any communication related to the group's activities will go through the group newsletter and personal emails.