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Critical Perspectives on Media, Discourse and Culture

Editor: Douifi Mohamed (University of Algiers-2)

Editorial Advisors: Slimane Aboulkacem (Sam Houston State University, USA); Ana Marcela Montenegro Sánchez (University of Costa Rica)

The influence of media on culture and society is one of the orthodox concerns that still reverberates in academic and non-academic circles. Remarkably, due to the advent of innovative communication technology, the old questions again come to the fore to address novel themes and digitized practices. The process of change in contemporary communities, through which the ‘media logic’ imposes itself on the making and thus legitimization of the circulating discourses, is usually referred to as ‘mediatization’.

This collection will examine in some depth the intricate mechanisms through which media outlets create avenues for new mediatized practices, attitudes and cultures. Contributions should thoroughly discuss how the media frame the reality ‘out there’ and thus construct new discourses, behavior patterns and communicative practices. The main aim of this collection is to raise questions on a myriad of mediatized phenomena and to push forward research that bridges the gap between three established disciplines: Cultural Theory, Media Studies and Discourse Analysis.

We invite contributions from a wide range of domains in the social sciences and humanities that consider how the media are creating and thus shaping our cultures and societies.

Submissions are welcomed on the following major themes, among others:

  • Contemporary Discourses in/and Social Media
  • Semiotics of Media and Cultural Change
  • Perspectives on Culture and Media in the 21st Century
  • Power, Ideology and Media in Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Media, Democracy and Populism
  • Critical Studies on Media Language
  • Mediatization of Arts and Popular Culture

Submissions are welcomed at any point until May 2023. Papers will be published on a rolling basis.