DNS5 Summer School | Political Discourse and Mediatization of Politics in the Globalized World

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25/12 Bolshaya Pecherskaya Ulitsa
Nizhny Novgorod



The aim of DNS5 Summer School is to discuss theoretical frameworks, methodologies and methods of political discourse analysis in the context of diverse information channels in the global digital space.

Politics in the contemporary globalized world is inconceivable without media which shape and frame communicative practices, the process being commonly referred to as mediatization. Digital media abundance poses new challenges which are theorized in various interdisciplinary strands of research which attempt to understand recent political changes through analyzing effects of targeting, algorithmization, information bubbles, etc. Whereas optimists welcome new media opportunities for political thought and practice, skeptical voices raise issues of political manipulation and discuss possible consequences of ethical and epistemological relativism flourishing within the digital environment. There is a lack of common theoretical ground uniting socio-political, technological, and discursive perspectives. For this reason, a space for discussing and exploring the methodological crossroads of these disciplinary domains is needed. DNS5 Summer School is aimed to become such a space.

Scholars of different disciplinary backgrounds and research experience are invited to address issues of contemporary political discourse, media, and communication studies. We expect that participants of DNS5 Summer School will get new insights and directions for their research.



Advanced MA and PhD students from various disciplinary backgrounds interested in research questions emerging at the crossroads of Discourse Studies, Media Theory and Political Communication Studies.



Participants of the Summer School will present and discuss the methodological and theoretical challenges of their MA or PhD theses projects or first ideas and receive feedback from established and emerging scholars in the field. The school will provide a collaborative exchange and hands-on research experience in a rather informal workshop setting.



Prof. Johannes Angermuller (University of Warwick, EHESS)

Dr. Jan Krasni (University of Nis)

Dr. Natalia Morozova (Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod branch)

Dr. Ronny Scholz (The British University in Egypt at Cairo)



Applications and abstracts (no more than 300 words) of the proposed research project should be sent via the Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/OMqpxw820lle07U33 by the 1st of March, 2019. If you have issues with filling out the Google form (for example, if this service is inaccessible in your country), please contact: dns5summerschool@yandex.ru or dns5summerschool@gmail.com - we’ll send you the questionnaire in a docx. format. If accepted, each participant will be asked to send in an extended (3-5 pages) version of the abstract by June 1st, 2019. These texts will be circulated among the participants prior to the event to be commented on. Each participant will get at least two comments on their paper by two reviewers.



You may consider DiscourseNet’s publication outlets for your work.



Participation in the DiscourseNet Summer School costs €50. There are places for up to 20 participants. Fees can be paid online via the online form (more information will follow closer to the event). We will provide you with any help needed regarding an application for a Russian visa. Low-cost accommodation will be available upon request.



As this is an international event, the working language will be English. We won’t ask you for certificates confirming your level of English competence but you should be able to deliver your presentation and discuss related questions in English. The Summer School is a joint event organised by National Research University - Higher School of Economics (Nizhny Novgorod branch) and DiscourseNet. DiscourseNet is an interdisciplinary and international network of discourse researchers existing since 2007.

Julia Balakina (Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod branch)
Irina Mironova (Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod branch)
Tatiana Shutova (Cardiff University)
National Research University - Higher School of Economics (Nizhny Novgorod branch)
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