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DiscourseNet Winter School No 8 - Discourse studies and power from the margins

Mar, 01/16/2024 - Vie, 01/19/2024
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DiscourseNet Winter School No 8 - Discourse studies and power from the margins

Tuesday 16 until Friday 19 January 2024, Universitat de València, Spain

The core interest of the DiscourseNet Winter School No 8 lies in

-       rethinking Discourse Studies from the structuring conditions of doing research within global power relations,

-       understanding contemporary societies and their social phenomena at local and global levels, and

-       peripheralizing discourse studies from a Southern perspective: decolonising (in)visibilities in discourse studies.

The aim of DiscourseNet Winter School is to bring together MA as well as PhD students across disciplines (social sciences, linguistics, cultural studies, humanities, etc.). Advanced BA students with their own research project are also welcome. 

Annette Knaut, University of Augsburg (Germany)
Sabine Heiss, Florida Universitària (Spain)
Leandro Paolicchi, Mar del Plata University (Argentina)
Arturo Lance, University of Valencia (Spain)
Jaspal Naveel Singh, The Open University (United Kingdom)
Benno Herzog, University of Valencia (Spain)
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