Jaime de Souza Júnior
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I hold a doctoral degree in Applied Linguistics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ,Brazil) and, as an academic visitor, I have developed part of my doctoral research at the University of Leeds (UK).My current transdisciplinary research interests include the transmedia circulation and the multimodal communication of notions such as 'fact', 'truth', 'fake', 'belief' and 'memes'. I have been studying how, through a network of media screens, such notions and their relation with repertoires of (bio/geo)political (re) interpretation operationalise the (re)forging of events, subjects and alterities in contexts of conflict and/or crisis. During my doctorate research, I studied these contexts regarding the transmediatisation (i.e. the circulation and communication across different media spaces) of the War in Syria, having as a focus the death of a refugee toddler, A(y)lan Kurdi, and its relation with how selectivity emerged, generated textual on-line disputes involving framing processes, (de)humanisation and the eventual recognition of this child as a refugee in 2015. I am particularly interested in the relation between Discourse, Digital Technologies,(Social/Professional)Media power-knowledge and the production, circulation and (re)interpretation of meaning. Since 2005, in the public and the private sector, I've been teaching Portuguese as a mother tongue and English (EFL); (ESP -speaking); (EAP-reading for academic purposes).