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Decolonising Discourse Studies: Qualitative research on (non)discursive and postcolonial construction of realities

Thu, 04/21/2022 - Sat, 04/23/2022
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Discourse Studies have an important record of analysing all types of open and subtle discrimination in and through discourses. Racism in all its varieties is one of the most researched topics in discourse studies. However, the influence of postcolonialismand eurocentrism in discourse studies itself has seldom been object of deeper inquiries.

To discuss these and related topics we invite students and researchers at all career stages to contribute to a three-day workshop. In the workshop we want to bring together participants from the Global North and the Global South. We will work in small groups to discuss specific problems and bring together different perspectives around questions of decolonising discourse studies and global development in plenary sessions.

The overall aims of the workshop are to

  • jointly reflect upon the socio-ontological, epistemological and methodological foundations of discourse studies and to ask how the colonial past continues to be engrained in current ways of doing discourse analysis;
  • explore the potential and limitations of discourse analysis to critically reflect on postcolonialism and decoloniality as discourse in different contexts;
  • propose radical epistemological, methodological and ontological shifts for decolonial discourse studies of the 21st century that can help populations marginalised by coloniality in their struggle for social justice and material redistribution.
COST Action CA 19129 /Decolonising Development in cooperation with DiscourseNet, Augsburg University, German Development Institute, The Open University, Florida Universitària, Universidad de València
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