Michael Kranert
University of Southampton, Modern Languages and Linguistics
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I am a linguist interested in comparative discourse analysis in English and German speaking countries. In order to analyse the influence of contextual differences on linguistic features of discourse in these countries, I use linguistic research methods such as Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis, Political Lexicography, Systemic Functional Linguistics and Critical Metaphor Theory. In the interpretation stage, I discuss my findings against the background of historical and sociological insights.

My PhD-project undertook a comparison of the discourses of New Labour and the German SPD at the turn of the twenty-first century, explaining apparent linguistic and discursive differences with differences in the political cultures of Germany and the UK. The project is of significance on two levels: firstly, as a means to advance the methodology of discourse analysis, and secondly as a contrastive linguistic analysis of the two discourses.

I am currently working on ‘populist’ discourses in Germany and the UK as well as on Discourse in the Workplace. Some interesting documentation of the conference ‘New Discourses of Populism and Nationalism’ I organised in June 2018 can be found here: