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As soon as possible, Professor Crispin Thurlow is seeking someone to undertake a doctoral sub-project as part of his Swiss National Science Foundation project, Articulating Rubbish: A Sociolinguistic Approach to the "Crisis of Waste" (2023 to 2027). The project comprises two other doctoral sub-projects, starting 01 May 2023.

We are looking to find a suitably qualified (see next paragraph) motivated person to join our research team. This person would be expected to work within the framework of the main project but may, within reason, tailor the preconceived framework for the sub-project to suit their own expertise, interests, and access networks. Ideally, given visa and work permit paperwork, we would like this person to start as soon as possible after 01 May 2023.

An MA or equivalent degree is mandatory. Ideally this will be in sociolinguistics, discourse studies, or linguistic anthropology. Degrees in cognate fields or fields related to discard studies will also be considered.

Please see attached file or click here for the complete, detailed announcement with application instructions.


Annual salary: CHF 47,000 to CHF 50,000 (rising each year), equivalent to $51,000 to $54,000. 

Salary does not include social security payments and income taxes; tuition fees (see below); or private health insurance (mandatory in Switzerland).

Fees: CHF 100 for registration; then CHF 200 per semester (for local and international students).

PhD candidates are employed at 75% with most of their time protected for research, but with 10% devoted to research/admin support for their supervisor. The opportunity to teach will be available over and above the main contract.

Project funding includes travel and accommodation costs for 2 international and 2 regional conferences, as well as nine months of fieldwork.

Support is given with securing any non-EU visa and work permits.