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Language Work in the Movies

Jue, 11/09/2023 - Vie, 11/10/2023
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I am looking to bring to Switzerland a small number of scholars from any area of sociocultural linguistics whose research centers the work of, for example, dialect coaches, dubbing artists, translators, subtitlers, closed-captioners, and audio-describers. It is here that we find people working in different ways with either spoken language or written language as the primary outcome of their professional practice. The core objective of the round table is to think beyond the representation of language/s by focusing instead on behind-the-scenes language production and, specifically, the "language work" of people who are otherwise overlooked or obscured in the movie industry and/or by sociocultural linguists.

The round table will be held over two days in Bern, Switzerland: Thursday 09 and Friday 10 November 2023. If you have research on “language work in the movies” I would love to hear from you soon. I will be able to offer up to CHF 1,000 to each presenter towards the costs of travel and accommodation. Please email me, as soon as possible, a provisional title and short (200 words) abstract.

Crispin Thurlow
University of Bern
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Crispin Thurlow
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