Jose Luis Pizarro
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Agronomist Engineer from the Universidad Austral of Valdivia (Chile). Graduated in Higher Banking Studies in France (DES bancaires) and Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (DEA) in Madrid (UNED) about Latin American political and social reality.

He has worked as international consultant, with UN and others multi and bi lateral cooperation institutions, in many countries in Africa and Latin America, with special dedication to socio-economic and development problems.

Since 1985 he has lived in Rome, residence that in recent years, he has alternated with long stays in Arica (Chile). In this city he has created in 2008 a small editorial enterprise "Ediciones Parina", with which he has published the books (in Spanish): "Conflicto Mapuche, un análisis histórico mediático", and in co-authorship with his wife Oriana Pardo B. "La Chicha en el Chile Precolombino", "Especies Botánicas consumidas por los chilenos prehispánicos", "Alimentos: Conservación y almacenamiento en el Chile precolombino", "Chile. Plantas Alimentarias Prehispánicas" y "Chile. Bebidas fermentadas prehispánicas" y "Chile prehispánico: Almacenaje y conservación de alimentos".