Donner la parole aux “sans-voix” ? Acteurs, dispositifs et discours

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Colloque Sans voix
Immeuble La Pyramide
80 avenue Charles de Gaulle
94 000 Créteil

The question of access to legitimate expression for the most powerless social groups has, over recent decades, become a public problem in its own right. The conditions under which these groups have access to public expression, and the audibility of their discourse, are now questioned by many actors (associations, trade unions, political parties, intellectuals, social workers, journalists, and so on) who are proposing strategies designed to “give voice to the voiceless”. The objective of this symposium is to examine, within an interdisciplinary perspective, the modalities, forms and issues surrounding these offers to the powerless to have their voices heard: the actors who are promoting them, the strategies shaping them and the discourses accompanying them.
The symposium will have a multidisciplinary perspective and we invite sociologists, anthropologists, cultural historians, political scientists, semiologists, linguists and discourse analysts to present their work and share their analyses and reflections.

CEDITEC (Centre d'étude des discours, textes, écrits et communications)
Université Paris Est Créteil
60 avenue Charles de Gaulle
94 000 CRETEIL - France
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Dominique Ducard, Benjamin Ferron, Emilie Née, Claire Oger