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Freedom in Liberia and the Yucatán

Dear All,


You are warmly invited to the second talk in the Language Literature and Politics Group’s series on Freedom and Liberty. The speaker is David Kazanjian, the topic is Freedom in Liberia and the Yucatán, and the talk is on Teams on Tuesday, 15 November 2022, 16:00 – 17:00 GMT, Online.

Speaker: David Kazanjian

Freedom is often discussed as if it were an abstract idea whose modern meanings were defined by political philosophers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; as a result, it can seem too general, more a buzzword than a useful concept, and too elite, more a topic for a drawing room than a street corner. By way of contrast, I will talk about how black and indigenous people in Liberia and the Yucatán, Mexico during the nineteenth century lived and indeed theorized freedom in quotidian ways that remain challenging and refreshing for us today. More details and register via Eventbrite.


Hope very much you can log in and join us!


David and Philip and Alice