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reminder, deadline for DN-DIPVAC abstracts is 18th December

Changing Discourses – Aspects of Linguistic, Social and Discourse Variation

International Conference organized by Károli Gáspár University

in cooperation with

DiscourseNet and DiPVaC Research Network

Budapest, 12th-14th June 2024



Suggested topics for DiscourseNet panels:

    • political discourse and power dynamics: analyzing how discourse-pragmatic features are used in political rhetoric to construct and manipulate power dynamics, influence public opinion, and maintain political hegemony;
    • AI-mediated discourse and human interaction: investigating how the integration of artificial intelligence, chatbots, virtual assistants, and natural language processing technologies affects discourse patterns, pragmatics, and social interactions in various domains such as customer service, education, healthcare, and daily communication. This topic would explore the implications of AI-driven communication on human language use, social dynamics, and identity construction in an increasingly AI-enhanced world;
    • media discourse and framing: examining the role of discourse-pragmatic variation and change in shaping public perception through media, including the framing of news stories, agenda-setting, and the use of propaganda techniques;
    • intersectionality and discourse analysis: investigating how discourse-pragmatic features intersect with various social categories such as race, gender, sexuality, and class to construct complex identities and power relations;
    • digital communication and online communities;
    • language ideology and discourse;
    • legal discourse and social (in)justice;
    • healthcare communication;
    • language policy and planning;
    • multimodal discourse analysis;
    • corporate and organizational discourse.


Abstract submission and panel proposals

Please, submit panel proposals and abstracts at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=dndipvac2024

Should you need help with submitting your proposal, please write to dndipvac2024@kre.hu


Deadline: 18th December 2023.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 31st January 2024


Confirmed plenary speakers are

Chloé Diskin-Holdaway, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Miklós Kontra, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary

Manfred Stede, Universität Potsdam, Germany


Programme Committee:

Marisa Brook, University of Toronto, Canada

Chloé Diskin-Holdaway, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Mirjam Eiswirth, University of Duisburg Essen, Germany

Manfred Stede, Universität Potsdam, Germany

Péter Furkó, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary

Joseph Kern, University of Virginia’s College at Wise, USA

Yael Maschler, University of Haifa, Israel

Celeste Rodriguez Louro, The University of Western Australia

Jan Krasni, University of Tyumen, Russia