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Join DiscourseNet. International Association for Discourse Studies!!

Dear users of the DiscourseNet webpage,

There are great news from DiscourseNet! A few weeks ago, we held our Third DiscourseNet Congress in Paris, together with the Latin American Discourse Studies Association ALED. Over 300 discourse researchers from Europe, Latin America and Asia presented their work and entered into critical discussion with each other. On the last day (14/09/2019), the 52 participants of our General Assembly voted for DiscourseNet to become an association on the basis of the founding documents (see http://www.discourseanalysis.net/DN). The General Assembly also elected three members as our representatives of this association for the next two years: Johannes Angermuller (President), Luciana Radut-Gaghi (Treasurer) and Jaspal Singh (Secretary). They will work closely with Jan Krasni (communications), Tatiana Shutova (social media) and Peter Fargas (web page) in the future DiscourseNet Board, which we will complete and announce by the end of this year. We will register the association in Germany.

Existing since 2008, DiscourseNet has organized more than 30 international events. As an association, DiscourseNet will represent the interdisciplinary field of Discourse Studies. We will continue to make important contributions to the community through regular small and large DiscourseNet events (https://discourseanalysis.net/DN/events), our publication outlets (https://discourseanalysis.net/DN/publications), projects and the webpage with currently 6000 registered users from almost 100 countries.

DiscourseNet is an association where all members can and should participate in managing their affairs bottom-up. DiscourseNet actively helps members engage in discourse-related initiatives (including organising conferences, projects, publications, networking). Members may present at DiscourseNet events. The membership fee is 30€ per year. If you want to join the association, please write to membership@discourseanalysis.net. You will find all up-to-date information on the association on our website: http://www.discourseanalysis.net/DN 

DiscourseNet is committed to the idea of discourse research as a public good and it will always pursue non-profit objectives. The fees from members will be crucial for achieving our mission and making our services available to the community, including the webpage, which we will keep free of charge.

Please get in touch with the Secretary Jaspal Singh (contact@discourseanalysis.net) if you would like to discuss any future collaborations, events or funding strategies. We are currently looking where to organise the next events, including the Fourth DiscourseNet Congress in two years, and do feel free to get back to us with if you want to make suggestions.

Please take note of the upcoming DN24 on "Discourse and propaganda" in Brussels: https://discourseanalysis.net/en/DN24 (deadline for abstracts: 16/12/2019). We hope to see many of you there and at our future events. 

We hope that many of you will decide to join DiscourseNet and help build up the new association!

With many good wishes

Johannes Angermuller, Peter Fargas, Jan Krasni, Luciana Radut-Gaghi, Tatiana Shutova, Jaspal Singh