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IOW webinar – DiscourseNet How to write a new entry for IOW dictionary step-by-step

Fr., 03/08/2024

IOW webinar – DiscourseNet


How to write a new entry for IOW dictionary step-by-step

Link to subscribe: https://www.iowdictionary.org/webinar


When: 8 March 2024

Time: 3 pm CET/Rome time (please check your local time)

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

We are pleased to invite you to join our first IOW webinar for DiscouseNet members so that you can discover about this unique free open access resource that welcomes collaborators from different social and educational contexts and various academic levels.


By attending the webinar, you will find out how:

- to participate in the project as a writer or collaborator, with possibilities to include your students;

- to identify the rationale and process of writing an entry to meet the objectives of the IOW Dictionary;

- to get familiar with the different sections of an entry and the possibilities of adding multimodal resources;

- to recognize the social relevance of the project by engaging with critical studies of language and discourses;

- to be acknowledged/listed as an author on the IOW Dictionary website.


So, we are looking forward to your registration soon. For further information on the webinar, please read the abstract below:

The webinar will present the online dictionary In Other Words (IOW)  - A Contextualized Dictionary to Problematize Otherness as a free online resource that analyses words that in different contexts and countries, (re)produce different forms of Otherness, and proposes alternative readings of keywords through the use of multilingual, multimodal, and creative materials. The webinar will describe IOW’s ethos and characteristics as a participatory and reflexive praxis, illustrating some practical examples emerging from the process of co-constructing keywords with different actors (school students, doctoral researchers, colleagues, activists) of co-editing, peer-reviewing, etc., and discussing how, as a result of the keyword development, the IOW dictionary engages/can be used in different educational, social, and geopolitical contexts. Finally, the webinar will also illustrate how working with the IOW dictionary help students reflect on discriminatory language and find creative ways to research, analyse, challenge and subvert it by putting into practice critical theoretical approaches and methodological tools in an intercultural and discourse perspective.


You can subscribe at the following link:


Once you have subscribed, you will see the Zoom link for the Webinar.

For further info, please contact: paola.giorgis@iowdictionary.org


See you there!

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