DiscourseNet Winter School no. 1 - Doing Research on Academic, Educational and Intellectual Discourses

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Discourse Studies is a field which studies meaning- and sense-making practices in their political, social and historical contexts. The DiscourseNet Winter School brings together advanced BA and MA as well as PhD students who want to pursue research in Discourse Studies and to discuss the methodological and theoretical challenges of their thesis projects (or first ideas). Its aim is to bring young and confirmed discourse researchers together and to address practical challenges in discourse research. The event will privilege collaborative exchange and hands-on research experience in a rather informal workshop setting. During the DiscourseNet Winter School, the students will not read their papers but elaborate on specific points, practical problems and methodological challenges of their projects. Introductory lectures will be given by Johannes Angermuller (Warwick), Benno Herzog (Valencia) and Luisa Martín Rojo (Madrid). Participants can come from linguistics, sociology, political sciences, literary and cultural studies, media and communication, education, geography and related areas in the social sciences and humanities.

Network: DiscourseNet

Organizing Committee:

JohannesAngermuller (Warwick)
Benno Herzog (Valencia)
Francesc Hernàndez (Valencia)
Ronny Scholz (Warwick)

The Winter School receives funding from ERC project DISCONEX (313172) and is supported by its team members.
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Ronny Scholz
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