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Intensive Methods Week for Doctoral Students in discourse and languages

Mo., 07/13/2020 - Fr., 07/17/2020

Milton Keynes
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While the pandemic has created new challenges for PhD students in many institutions, the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the Open University (UK) continues its training. 

In the week of 13-17 July 2020, we offer an ad hoc event, which will be open to all doctoral researchers at the OU and also to students from our partner institutions and from elsewhere: an intensive methods training workshop which will cover the following areas: discourse analyse and critique, eye-tracking and social network analysis, images, media and multimodality, ethnography and grounded theory, interviewing and questionnaires, theory and ethics. The event will take place fully online and is free of charge thanks to the generous support from the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies.

In collaboration with “DiscourseNet. International and Interdisciplinary Association for Discourse Studies” and our international partners, we have invited the following experts to give 45-minute talks from their areas of specialisation and lead the discussions: Johannes Angermuller (OU), Martina Emke (OU), Benno Herzog (Valencia, Spain), Claire Hewson (OU), Sarah Huxley (OU), Jan Krasni (Tyumen, Russia), Christine Pleines (OU), Yannik Porsché (Munich, Germany), Hélène Pulker (OU), Bart Renties (OU), Müge Satar (Newcastle, UK), Lijing Shi (London, UK), Jaspal Singh (Hong Kong), Uschi Stickler (OU), Neil Summers (OU), Jackie Tuck (OU), Franco Zappettini (Liverpool, UK).   

The training programme will include preparatory forum discussions and recommended reading available from 8th July. The website for the event is: https://Phdmethodstraining.education, which is currently under construction and where you will find the latest version of the programme. 

For individual sessions, please follow the links to our Adobe Connect room (Please remember that we have a cap of 100 people for each session):  

https://learn3.open.ac.uk/mod/connecthosted/view.php?id=135316 (OU students/staffs)

https://ou.adobeconnect.com/r2e0z0gnqvcq/ (Guest invitations). 

We would encourage you to let us know by July 8 whether you can attend and present so that we can make necessary arrangements for the event. To make this training a success, your collaboration and contributions are required. As the slots are limited, we will follow ‘First come first served’ method. For organisational reasons there is a cap of 100 participants for the live sessions. 

Please do not hesitate to contact  Saraswati.Dawadi@open.ac.uk, should you want to attend the event and have any further queries. 

We are looking forward to lively discussions and positive encounters in challenging times.

Johannes Angermuller and Ursula Stickler

Open University


Johannes Angermuller and Ursula Stickler

Open University

Open University
Saraswati Dawadi
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