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CFP - Plain Legal English

    1. and Drawbacks of Plain Legal English



Special issue of the International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse on Plain Legal English


The topics envisaged for discussion include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Plain English in the system of justice (e.g. for the solution of disputes)
  • Popularisation of law via plain English texts
  • Benefits and drawbacks of plain English vs legalese
  • Challenges ahead in the use of plain legal English
  • Applications of plain English in bureaucracy: utopia or fact?
  • Future scenarios in the use of plain English vs legalese
  • Plain legal English and digitalisation
  • Plain legal English in multi-cultural settings
  • Plain English and LELF (Legal English as a Lingua Franca)
  • When plain legal English divides instead of unifying (and/or vice-versa)
  • Is plain legal English discriminative or inclusive?
  • Plain legal language: challenges for the EU
  • Plain language and legal translation



The papers must be in English.


Patrizia Giampieri (patrizia.giampieri@unicam.it)

Vanessa Leonardi (vanessa.leonardi@uniroma1.it)


Please send your abstract (300-500 words) to the Editors by 15/10/2023.

Notifications of acceptance within 4 weeks from submission