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Radical Thought in the Anthropocene: Dimensions and Potentials of Critical Theory

Jue, 06/01/2023 - Sáb, 06/03/2023

Merangasse 70/I
8010 Graz


The Departments of Musicology and Translation Studies invite you to the


International Conference

"Radical Thought in the Anthropocene: Dimensions and Potentials of Critical Theory"

1-3.6.2023, University Centre WALL, Graz University

Merangasse 70/EG, Graz

(on site and livestreamed via Webex)


The Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School has significantly shaped the philosophy of the post-war period. In view of the global ecological, technological, economic and societal challenges that affect us all, the aim is to develop sustainable solutions for the future by combining critical theory and innovative practice in a way that transcends public discourse and disciplines.

A select range of renowned scholars from various countries will discuss different dimensions of critical theory, complemented by a film screening and discussion, art performances and conversations with the artists, and by a concluding panel discussion moderated by the well-known ORF journalist Renata Schmidtkunz.


Participation is also possible via web stream.

Link: https://unigraz.webex.com/unigraz-en/j.php?MTID=maea6b918f9006b9c6433f56c589195e6

Meeting number (if necessary): 2742 121 2565 / Meeting password (if necessary): QMjTwUxd562


For further detailed information please see: radikales-denken.uni-graz.at

We look forward to meeting you at the event!


Susanne Kogler & Stefan Baumgarten

Departments of Musicology and Translation Studies, Graz University
University of Graz
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Stefan Baumgarten
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