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A new era of leadership: Digital discourse, culture(s) and communication, 21 April, 2023, Paris Nanterre University

The 2020s have ushered in a new era of what it means to be a leader. Compounded by the turmoil brought on by both the COVID-19 pandemic as well as an increasingly fragile geopolitical climate, leaders are now faced with having to adapt to a new age of cultural discourse based on digital communication. This one-day conference seeks to explore leaders’ experience of the post-pandemic era and stimulate research into what the cultural and discursive implications of this new era will be for future leaders. The conference aims to gather researchers and professionals from an array of disciplines (cultural studies, management science, entrepreneurial studies, intercultural studies, discourse analysis...) in a dynamic, interactive context to discuss about the cultural shift currently underway as a result of the pandemic, and its impact on a new discursive constructs and communicational strategies linked to leadership.

Plenary speakers:
Sherry Robinson, Professor of Business, Entrepreneurial Studies, Penn State University, United
Jonathan Clifton, Associate Professor, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, France

Contacts: Elvis Buckwalter (ebuckwalter@parisnanterre.fr) and Sherry Robinson (skr12@psu.edu)

Proposals for conference papers (title + abstract of 300-500 words) are to be sent to both Elvis
Buckwalter and Sherry Robinson by March 20th 2023.

Languages for the conference are English and French.

Partners: CREA, EA 370 ; Project Fulbright "TEACH-2023"