Jan Zienkowski

Jan Zienkowski
PReCoM (Pôle de Recherches sur la Communication et les Medias / Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles) & ILC (Institut Langage et Communication / UCLouvain)
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Jan Zienkowski has a long-standing research interest in the transdisciplinary field of discourse studies. He recently published Articulations of self and politics in activist discourse (Zienkowski 2017) and co-edited Imagining the peoples of Europe (Zienkowski and Breeze 2019). His books and articles focus on issues of reflexivity, critique, discourse, politics and metapolitics and propaganda, ideology and hegemony as articulated in large-scale debates on migration, populism and neoliberalism.

Jan Zienkowski aims to re-articulate linguistic pragmatic, critical and poststructuralist approaches to signification in order to understand how human beings deal with hegemony with varying degrees of awareness. Jan Zienkowski has a background in communication sciences, international relations and linguistics. He has organised various DiscourseNet events and is a member of the DiscourseNet Board. 

He currently teaches ‘Communication Science’, ‘Corporate Communication and Public Relations’, 'Analysis of Media Institutions' and is a post-doctaral researchers at PReCoM (Pôle de Recherches sur la Communications et les Media / Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles). He also works as a post-doctoral researcher at the ILC (Institut Langage et Communication / UCLouvain) in Belgium.