News from the technological side of DiscourseNet

Hello everybody,

I would like to apologize to everyone who has tried to send out a newsletter/group messages in the past two months and it did not reach its recipients. Lately, I had to overhaul the emailing technology of our platform as it did not scale to our requirements: one of the standard components failed on us without notice. I am very sorry for this!

Here is a quick digest of what went missing and needs attention:


You were invited to take a training in "Critical Discourse Analysis Summer School" in Maastricht(NL). The deadline is a couple of days in the past already, but I hope late registrations will be looked upon benevolently.

You can find notes from Bergamo at

I will enqueue the other, news with longer horizont in the following days, each second day or so.


For those of you which would like to send newsletter, here is a quick How-To: after posting a news entry or an event onto our website, at the top of the page, you will see "Send message" tab. You will find everything you should need there. Also on the top menu bar, you can use "translate" in case you'd like to. The newsletter will be then sent out according to each user's preferences. As the sender, you will receive the newsletter twice: as a preview batch, which should include all the languages, and then a single one, as a user just like others, according to your preferences.

We are working on making the platform more usable and bringing new functions, so our community can flourish. We hope there will be quite a lot happening in the following year. But it's not quite only up to us, since we are dependent on external financing sources. Let's hope for the best.

  -Peter Fargas